Dunkin Donuts

10 mln views in 10 days


Dunkin Donuts wanted to launch the #DunkinCastingCall initiative and engage with users on the trending social media platform TikTok. The objective was to raise product awareness and drive foot-traffic to stores during new product launches and other brand-centric promotions and marketing initiatives.


Dunkin Donuts aimed to have TikTok users audition through a Duet video and participate in the next commercial shoot with the best auditioners winning a trip to LA. The goal was to give everyday users the chance to showcase their creative ability and be part of the brand's launch ad.


222 (part of theTalent Resources collective) was brought on board to secure 10 creators to participate in the #DunkinCastingCall challenge. The Influencers shared their audition video on their personal feeds, causing the program to go viral with 9 million+ Views on the hashtag. During New York Fashion Week, 222 creatively paired Dunkin' with Style360 and a series of influencers and guests for photos and social media posts to bring awareness to the limited edition Halloween costume featuring the iconic Running Man.

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