£0.53 Cost-per-install


Mindstep required a sub £1 CPI (cost per install) to scale profitably. The issue, was they were above £5 without a clear cretive strategy or ad structure in place. We went all in on a direct-response UGC campaign on Meta & TikTok leveraging an in-house mobile attribution system that we built to bypass iOS 16 restrictions.


The goal was to demonstrate viable unit economics so that Mindstep were able to raise their next round. Not only were we able to achieve that, but we scaled them to 50,000 users in 3 months and propelled them to Number 2 in the app store in the health & fitness category (only behind the official NHS C0V1D app).


We created content that targeted their specific solution verticals: anxiety, depression, brain fog, dementia, and migraines. We predominantly leveraged UK-based creators under 25 for the anxiety & depression verticals, which ended up driving wild success with an industry-leading CPI 91% lower than the industry average.

UGC, if done correctly, can be a brand's most powerful growth lever. The problem is most UGC creators don't understand what drives consumer decisions at the deepest level.

Horizontal Scaling

Our favourite strategy involves organically posting on TikTok, and horizontally scaling the winner to adjacent platforms. In short:

  • Post UGC organically on TikTok
  • Run viral content as Paid on TikTok
  • Post viral content & most profitable creatives as IG reels organically
  • Run viral reels as paid IG ads

We know, we know - we're giving away our secret sauce here!

But there's no gatekeeping with us...because even if all our secrets were revealed, nobody could execute better than us.

Don't believe us? We're so confident that we'll make winning-content, that you won't pay in full unless we achieve your results.

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